Some Proof Of Our Winning Images

All Images on this page are images sent in from most of our Premium Members, they are all 100% real, click on them for a better view.

These images above and below are 100% real, the bet numbers are shown on the image you can check them yourself using a phone or PC. Most of these bets were placed on and

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Its no news that our 99-100% safe games which we do post on the website for free hardly fails, this is so because we invested lot of money to professional tipsters who are good at analyzing games and following team news.
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NB: Most of our premium members sent most of these images using a poor device, most images found here are blurry but 100% real.

NB 2: This page is not updated daily don’t expect new images to appear here often.

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unnamed (2) winn winnings



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wonWon 2Won 2 won Won1Aeroberry-winnings Aeroberry-winnings-1 Aeroberry-winnings-423
5Won 2Won 5 Won 6Won 1Won 2 Won 5 Won 6 Won 8 Won 9 Won 10 Won 12






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