4 Reasons Why You Should Date The Girl Who Makes You Laugh [No 1. Is A Must See]


 When a woman has the ability to make you laugh consistently, it’s not by accident, trust me – it’s deliberate – and I’m sure she’s well aware of the power she has, at times, over you. When you meet a witty girl, it’s hard not to recognize how smart she is behind her big smile.She forces you to think, and It’s almost impossible to grow bored of a girl who forces you to think.

Lets start from number 4 .

[4] She’s real
She doesn’t need designer heels to be attractive, nowadays, so many women are obsessed with pushing this false impression of who they are. The way I see it, if that’s the only way a girl can feel appreciated, she needs to throw her iPhone in the deep end – and do some thinking.

[3] She’s confident.
A good sense of humor shows courage in social situations – and confidence in oneself. Funny women typically know they’re funny, and their ability to use that as a tool of attraction has always been sexy, in my mind.
There really aren’t too many shy comedians, are there ?

Many men are intimidated by funny women, instead electing to date chicks who simply laugh at their own jokes – and don’t step on their comedic toes. That’s isn’t any fault of the woman who can make people laugh, it just shows how unconfident a lot of dudes are.
[2] She will take control of the conversation

Sometimes, as a guy, you’ll want the woman to take the wheel and steer your conversational vehicles, so to speak. Girls who are funny are usually able to dictate conversational directions, by adding sarcasm or touches of light-heartedness to given scenarios.

When she makes a little wisecrack, you’ll recognize it, and respond back with something of your own. When she laughs at something, you’ll probably feel the impulse to do the same.

Funny girls will take a lot of pressure off you because things don’t always have to be so serious. Maybe she’s fine without that wakeup text every morning, at 7:45 on the dot, as long as you can share a laugh or two by lunchtime.

[1] Grudges don’t ever end up lasting too long

You could literally be fuming with your girl – but, if she’s funny – it will never last long. It’s the best when she knows how mad you are, too, and still finds a way to make you smile. The ability to do this will constantly keep you in check, from a bigger picture standpoint.

Most of the time, arguments are about petty bullsh*t, things that you’ll probably forget in a few week’s time – yet can linger for months. Sometimes you just need a girl who can make you laugh, and shake it off (cue Taylor Swift voice) before it evolves into something entirely avoidable.

It’s hard to stay mad at a girl, when you know deep down that you’d rather be in bed laughing with her. When you find a girl like this, hold on to her, because not only will she make a great girlfriend – but she’ll also be your best friend, too.

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