Five Ways To Test True Love

If asked ” Can true love ever be tested ” ? many would say its impossible, because they are not aware of these 5 steps or ways to test true love. But if you are trying to decide if you have found the one for marriage, answer the questions below. The only rule is to be honest. This true love test is for you and you only,  you do need to have an inner dialogue with yourself that is open and honest.


1) Analyze weaknesses: We all have weaknesses. Make a list of what you perceive to be your mate’s weaknesses. How do you feel about these lesser-qualities? If it’s true love, you will love your partner because of the weaknesses not in spite of them.

2) Listen to your inner voice: Your subconscious is attempting to take care of you, try to listen. How do you feel when your partner walks into a room? Don’t over think this step, just focus on your initial reaction upon first seeing your mate. If it’s true love, you will feel happy, calm, content, and/or relaxed.

3) Use personality quizzes: Personality quizzes are great snap shots to the soul. Jointly take a personality quiz (see resources below for a few good ones). Read the detailed description about your partner. Without thinking of your mate, focus on the words of the description and ask yourself if this is the type of person you want to be around 24/7. If it’s true love, you will find the description of qualities admirable and feel proud to know such a person.


4) Examine your partnership: Marriage is the ultimate lifelong partnership. Would you start a business with your mate? If you wouldn’t start a business with him or her, then you shouldn’t start a marriage together. If it’s true love, then any joint venture should seem enjoyable.

5) Reflect on yourself: A true love test is not about your potential mate, it is about yourself. Reflect on your characteristics when alone and your characteristics when with your partner. Does 1 + 1 = 1? In other words, when added together do you make one whole? If it is true love, you will feel that you are a better person by the addition of your partner.

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