5 Most Sincere Ways To Behave Around A Lady



When it comes to this topic, many guys don’t wanna hear it Why? They believe in lies. They know girls love lies. They falsify themselves and what they really stand for, I believe it’s just to get under.

Ladies are important, we need them but most guys are perfect mugus! What do you stand to gain from telling a beautiful girl on FB that she is beautiful? Lols. She knows already naa

Some go as far as saying: “You are more beautiful than all my sisters put together ” hehehe…

I praying you get educated and pick up one or two things from this thread so you can stop disgracing the whole generation of guys:

1. If you don’t love her at all and she loves you, find a way to abscond from her. Reason being that, you may hurt her feelings. If her LOVE LANGUAGE is collecting gifts, then stop giving her gifts. Let your action speak.

2. When she is ‘high’ and needs intimacy in a hurry without protection, tell her if she gets pregnant, you’re not gonna father the child.
Thank me later.

3. Never hit a girl didn’t mean never correct a girl. When she is wrong, tell her plainly.

4. If you truly love her, tell her. If she doesn’t want you, there’s nothing wrong. Stop stalking her, walk away. There are many fishes in the ocean. Work harder and be a success Diamonds are Ladies’ best friends, so is Success.

5. If a lady ignores you in public, she doesn’t say Hi or at least an “eye contact” because she is forming and wants to be chased, leave her alone.

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