A Hospital gives update on unidentified patient

He has just been identified by the management of the hospital.This young man's identity has been revealed by St Nicholas Hospital.


The management of St. Nicholas Hospital, the upscale medical facility located in the heart of Lagos, has given new updates on the unidentified young man who was involved in a car accident and rushed to its facility, revealing his name and age.

The hospital gave the cheering news, saying the young man had come out of coma briefly to give them his name as Owolabi Akindujoye, a 19 year old student, but that he could not give further details about his school, his state, residence and other information about himself before going back into coma.

The hospital used its Facebook page and Twitter handles to give the new updates.

“He became conscious for a little and was able to tell us that He is Owolabi Akindujoye, 19 years old student but he is yet to confirm his address, school and other details.

We are sure he would have a mum or sister looking for him…please help his relatives with this information.”

The management of the hospital had, last week, put up the picture of the young man who was involved in a ghastly car accident and was rushed to the hospital, asking anyone who knows him or his relatives, to come out and identify him.

Read the tweets here.



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