Akpors and A Funny Pastor.

jokeA Pastor sent a friend request to Akpors on Facebook and Akpors gently accepted him as well.
The following conversations ensued between the pastor and Akpors .
Pastor: Hi, boy.
Akpors: Good day sir!
Pastor: How are u doing?,
Akpors: Am doing fine sir!,
Pastor: Ok, may the building of heavenly blessing collapse on your head there.


Akpors: No reply,
Pastor: may the thunder of annoiting breakthrough strike you there.
Akpors: No reply,
Pastor: Are you there?
Akpors: Yes,
Pastor: You suppose to be typing amen to claim the prayers ,
Akpors: Ok, may over speed trailer of blessing that is faster than train scatter you with your family.
Pastor: Thunder fire u there, Idiot!.

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