Are you ashamed to talk about God – Watch this inspiring video

Gabriel Ezenwa (Rev Fr)

Are you ashamed to talk about God? Do you think that sharing the faith is not part of your duty but priests and pastors ? Do you want to talk about your faith and about God but you think you are not knowledgeable enough ? Are you in the category of people who are ashamed to talk about God in the presence of their friends because you think you will not sound “cool” or that your friends may laugh at you ? Are you among those ashamed to do the sign of the cross when you want to pray before you eat at the restaurant because you fill people may notice that you are praying ? What is it that is preventing you to share your faith ?What is it that is preventing you to talk about God as you should ? What is it that makes you not to practice your faith boldly ? My little message to you this day is that we are all called to share the gospel which is the good news about Jesus Christ. When Jesus told his disciples in Mark 16:15 ” Go into the whole world and preach the good news”, he was not speaking to them alone, neither was he speaking to only the ordained ministers, he was speaking to every christian whom the disciples represent. Dear friends, if you can relate to any of the questions above, may I recommend this video below to you produced by Outside Da Box. Watch it prayerfully, and you may be inspired. This is my prayer and wish for you.

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