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Between Independent Women And Dependent Women Who Do You Think Men Loves Most.



Some people are of the school of thought that men want independent women,
who have their own jobs and can take care of themselves while other people
are of the school of thought that men want women that will depend on them
because of their Ego.MY OPINION;
No one likes to be burdened, No one wants a liability for a wife or Girlfriend,
if a lady is too demanding, it diminishes the man’s love and respect for the lady,
spending your own money is the sweetest thing and it commands respect, so for
these reasons some ladies prefer to be miss independent but then again because of  the Ego
men have, and because a man has to be responsible as the head, sometimes
you just have to leave some things for the men too to handle, yes, a lady has to
be independent, you have to have your source of income and pay your bills
but a lady must not be too independent, you must not be too independent if not
you will crush your man’s Ego.
what’s your Opinion on this? Miss independent or miss dependent??

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