Armed boko haram members entered a
while the service was going on.They
asked the ushers to close every
door and windows so that nobody can
escape.They counted the number of worshipers and
they were 150.
They told them they would kill 100 out of
these 150 members but in an
alphabetical order oƒ names starting
with the pastors. They approached the
senior pastor asking: whats your name? pastor
said Zechariah Zwingina. the
next pastor said Zebede Zacheus, the
third pastor said Zemmanuel Zwiliams.
They approached the elders. The first
one said Zarepath Zolomon.
The next one said Zalade Zomorin. The next one
said Zetunji
Zolusegun Zesther, Zimilehin. They
approached the choir and the first
chorister out of fear pointed to the
organist and said his name is Abraham
Ahmadu. The Organist screamed, he is a liar. My
name is Zabraham Zahmadu. If
you were in the congregation, what will
be your name?

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