My Boyfriend Licks My Menstrual Blood” – Nigerian Lady Cries Out

Boyfriend Licks My Menstrual Blood
Psychologist-c*m-businessman Adejoro Olumofin is famous on the social media for tackling various relationship/marital issues via his Instagram timeline “joroolumofin”

In one of the most shocking emails he received from a lady, Olumofin says “I was speechless when I got this.. Does this really happen?“.

Below is the email as sent by the lady to Olumofin:-

Hello Doktor Mofi,

Please I want to know if this is normal or any woman has experienced it before? My boyfriend has been demanding the most unbelievable thing from me these past months. He wants to be licking my private area when am on my period. I first thought he was joking then he got angry and said am judging him, that his ex allowed him to do it. Because I love him, I allowed him a few times, but I used pillow to cover my face because I was shy and didn’t want to see the blood. I know he won’t see this because he is an older guy and not an online person, but I am now scared because he counts my cycle every month and am thinking it’s spiritual. Help me ask your Instagram people if it’s normal.

What should I do? He is very nice to me though and a gentle man.

This bizarre revelation has generated hundreds of comments on Olumofin’s Instagram timeline:

See some of the comments below:-

From Preyefreeman: Girl it is abnormal, totally doesn’t sound right. I suggest you talk to a pastor and pray well because that might lead you to the grave. May God guide and protect you iJN!!! Amen

From glitzabelle: I like that this lady knows it’s spiritual. Honey, he’s def using it for something. No sane guy will EVER do that. Some men won’t even do cunninglingus. Am so disgusted by this. Pls pray and fast consistently. Run far away from that man. He’s up to no good

From tutusbeninajebutter: Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Blood of God!! Holy Moses!!!

From ola_torera: This isnt normal o… I had someone who gave anonymous testimony about this…. it is spiritual, who enjoys head? it’s supposed to be you not him demanding especially again wen you are on your period. Well, according to what was said concerning d anonymous testimony it has to do with a kind of convenant they had with darkness, glory sucker and may render all your life useless.

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