Breakdown of salaries and allowances of Nigeria’s senators – Video

After watching this video clip it will amaze you how our leaders waste our money for their selfish ends. Money that should be used to build infrastructures, upgrade our hospitals and schools, pay civil servants salaries and do other better things to better our country and improve our economy, this money is squandered by our politicians in the name of salaries and meaningless allowances. Recently some governors complained that they are unable to pay civil servants salaries. Is it that the money is not there to pay the salary ? I don’t believe that the money is not there. The video below exposes the salaries and allowances of the senators, but if that of  the president, vice president, ministers, governors is revealed, it will surely be the same or worse than the senators. Where are we going to with this. No wonder it is claimed that we have the biggest and largest economy in Africa but then many Nigerians still lavish in abject poverty and unemployment rate is high. Something needs to be done.

Buhari since he started his election campaign has been saying that Nigeria’s problem is corruption and that when he gets into office he will tackle it squarely. Now the baton of leadership has been handed over to him. I think one thing he needs to do to show us that he is serious to tackle corruption in Nigeria and reduce wastage in running Nigeria’s democracy is by cutting down the salaries of elected politicians. I know he can do that of the presidency easily if he wants to do and if he sincerely meant what he has been saying but he may meet stiff opposition from the legislators because they are independent arm of government. However, he may lead by example by still cutting down his own salary and that of the ministers working with him. By so doing he will mount pressure on the legislators and governors.


Watch the video below and see for yourself how our money is wasted:

Nigerian senate salary breakdown – by Brooks Dorman

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