Bruce Advises Buhari On How To Pay The Unemployed

Senator Ben Murray Bruce representing Bayelsa state at the National Assembly has explained to President Muhammadu Buhari how he can effectively pay the N5,000 he promised to pay unemployed Nigerians.

As part of his campaign promises, the Nigerian president had promised to pay unemployed Nigerians N5,000 monthly as a way of helping them survive before they get any job.

At when the matter was presented on the floor of the upper chamber, there was serious disagreement between the Senators loyal to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and their counterparts from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Nigerians have since asked the president to ensure he pays them according to his initial promise which Vice President Yemi Osinbajo believes will be carried out in no distant future.

The founder of Silverbird Group took to his twitter handle to make his suggestions to the president.

Below are some of his tweets:

1-Some people say it’s impossible to pay unemployed graduates ₦5k because there is no database or money. That is not true.

2-All undergraduate Nigerians will have bank accounts with a BVN. They also have PVCs. Additionally they have National ID.

3-With the details from the BVN, PVC and National ID card, it’s possible to identify unemployed graduates and pay them.

4-Where would the money come from? Every salary earner should pay a 5% unemployment tax to help pay 5k to unemployed graduates.

Finally, I celebrate Mrs. Aisha Buhari for championing the cause of paying ₦5k to unemployed graduates.

Recall that Hajia Aisha Buhari also recently insisted that her husband pays the N5,000 to the unemployed Nigerians as a way of keeping to the pre-election promise.

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