Buhari – ” I will give more priorities to railways “

Buhari interviewed by TVC news media correspondent
Buhari interviewed by TVC news media correspondent


In a 29 minutes interview with TVC news, the Nigerian president elect, Muhammadu Buhari spoke intelligently and sincerely about a number of issues Nigeria as a nation is facing and he gave us some hints what his priorities as a the president of Nigeria would be: railway, agriculture and mining, insecurity, unemployment and corruption.

In the interview, he said that Nigerians will start seeing change in the country from June 1, 2015 after his swearing in and also from the process his government will adopt in picking who will form his cabinet.

Speaking about his cabinet, he said they will be made up of people who are seasoned technocrats and people of professional and personal integrity. He said that people who are identified  as incompetent and of doubtable  personal or professional integrity won’t make his team of ministers.

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His government he said will respect the other tiers of government: the legislature and judiciary.

He gave a hint that the way he may tackle the petroleum problem in Nigeria is by reviving the moribund refineries and building new ones. According to him, this is the sensible thing to do for it will create a lot of jobs for Nigerians. He lamented how PDP has destroyed the Nigerian petroleum industry and see no reason why Nigerians should pay a lot of money to buy petrol for their cars and other machineries. He actually acknowledged that there is a lot of work to do in this and other areas and that Nigerians should not expect him to perform miracles overnight. But surely, he will judiciously take some actions to revive the petroleum industry.

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When he was asked about what he will do to the extinct national airline (Nigerian airways), he impressed me personally here. He said that according to priority, what Nigerians need now is a good and functioning railway system. This he said will benefit everyone both the poor and the rich. Having a national airline is good but will mainly if not only benefit the rich. Therefore one of his priority is the railways. This means when he comes into power, we will see our trains given good attention. What a sensible answer ! I cannot wait for this to start happening.

Other things he said he will give priorities that will quickly provide jobs for Nigerians are agriculture and mining. The Nigerian mining industry is still very dormant , it needs somebody to bring it to life. It is a welcomed idea.

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With regards to how he will treat those in opposition party, he said that he will stick to the social justice policy of his party APC. Everybody, both those who vote and didn’t vote for him will get “what they deserve.” I think if he sticks to this, he will win more admirers especially from those who did not vote for him and surely he won’t have to sweat to win the next election.

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