Chile Volcano Blast


A peaceful walk is violently interrupted as one of Chile’s most dangerous volcanoes rumbles into life after four decades.

A hiker had his walk in the country shaken up when his phone unexpectedly captured a volcano’s first eruption in 43 years.


Dormant since 1972, Chile’s Calbuco blasted into life on Wednesday, causing the evacuation of thousands of people and shooting ash about 11 miles into the sky.

Walter Witt, a Chilean national, is heard commentating on his walk when the eruption begins close by.

A second eruption happened a few hours later, with smokey orange skies and a lightning storm putting on an ominous display.

Local towns such as Puerto Montt have been deluged with ash and experts say residents might not be able to return for some time.

Volcanic mudflows – capable of levelling anything in their path – are also a potential danger and have been detected in a nearby river.

Calbuco’s eruptions could last weeks and even months, according to the country’s National Mining and Geology Service. A third eruption is also possible.

Chile has 90 active volcanoes and Calbuco, around 620 miles south of capital Santiago, is considered one of the three most dangerous.

She described the incident as “more serious and unpredictable” than the eruption of Chile’s Villarica volcano, which forced the evacuation of thousands last month.

“The ash might damage crops, animal feed, bridges, roads, people’s work routines, tourism and especially their health,” she said.

There are concerns the ash could contaminate the water and cause respiratory illnesses.

Some flights have also been grounded into Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, and Montevideo in Uruguay, after smoke and dust drifted 1,000 miles.

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