Starting a computer business center in Nigeria

Computer business centers are mostly profitable businesses to run in Nigeria as they offer services which are mostly not too competitive yet. Not many people know how to use computers in Nigeria and there is cool money to be made by offering computer services to such people. The market does not just consist of people who are not computer literate but also to those who are but still need the services of a business center for one reason or another.

What does it take to setup a computer business? Not much really but I’m going to try to list out some basics:

Things you’ll need:
– A Shop or office
– Running capital: For fuel, salaries and bills.
– One or two computers – Desktops are common and cheap
– A photocopying machine
– A printing machine
– Standby generator: Small or big
– Business registration
– Account keeping for income and expenses
– Staff: At least a Clerk and Receptionist


Some Problems computer business centers face in Nigeria
– Inefficient Electrical power supply: At times, most business would have to run generators for most part of their business time. To stay profitable in this business, you should just assume you are going to be using generators for a 24 hr basis, 365 days in a year. You may also invest in alternative source of energy like solar, wind or power inverters

– Multiple taxation: There may be a lot of taxes imposed by local councils and state govt. You just need to know what the right taxes are and the proper way to pay them so you don’t get cheated

– Sourcing for original computer products: There are a lot of fake products in the society and it won’t make business sense if you invest in parts or products that won’t last for the long term. It would be better to buy brand new computers for a start and original ones rather than fake or cloned ones since this is business we are talking of. You should also try to get original Windows software from credible suppliers rather than just the open market.

– Software virus: A lot of computer business center operators don’t really know much about taking care of their computers and they end up leaving their systems infected or operating at a low efficiency. If you want to start this business but know little about computers, then you should liase with people who do like an expert or a supporting company to help you with maintenance issues.

Services which computer business centers do offer:
Since it is mostly a service oriented business, there is less need for raw materials but more need for expertise. Here are some services which you can offer:

– Typing and printing: This is mostly common among them and it basically involves typing on a computer using software like Microsoft word and printing it with maybe a hp printer. The last time I paid for this service, it cost me about N100 per page. The main raw material are white A4 papers and printing ink

– Photocopying: This is simply making a copy of a document using a photocopying machine designed for it. The price range is about N5 to N10 per page in Nigeria and the main raw material which is an A4 paper costs about N1. It is much easier than typing and takes less time

– Computer training: At times, they also offer the service to train people on a basic way to use a computer. It is mostly a computer literacy program designed to help them know basic things like powering it on and off, using desktop publishing and some other computer programs. This is mostly a more lucrative business and the fee is normally based on a periodic subscription which ranges from N15,000 and above for a month.

I hope this helps.

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