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” Dance and Whine ” -:- By Mr Unite. This New Music Is Really Lovely, Download It Here

Dance & Wine By Mr Unite

Mr Unite
Mr Unite

Mr Unite greatly known for his gifted ways of composing nice and enjoyable songs.
He is an upcoming artist and has authored some few songs, His hobbies are mostly singing,
swimming and reading. This artist has great love and is really gifted towards music,
maybe a look at his newly released album titled ” dance whine ” would convince you.
Great voice, nice swagg, menhh!!

Click here to download and listen to  his recent song he titled ” Dance And Whine “.

Call : 08147650265 or +2348147650265

email us on :

22 Comments on ” Dance and Whine ” -:- By Mr Unite. This New Music Is Really Lovely, Download It Here

  1. I am a Mexican, though we are not used to this kind of song but I felt some of its impact. Nice voice and may God grant you success.

  2. Wow, great one me and my portugese friends love this music at first play. nice one .

  3. Wow lucky guys, Just their first advert on Aeroberry and their contacts and songs had gone far, Hey Aeroberry i Have a song I want you to publish for me online by next week. Hope your numbers would go through.

  4. I love these guys, Nice voice, great concept but the beat is kinda poor.
    Look for good beats, it would take you far. kudos bro

  5. What did the second rapper say? I heard something like big yan***sh lol, bad boi. No go turn second wizkid.

  6. I like the part when he said too, Nice concept bro, But what happened to the beat. Are you on facebook so I can follow you?

  7. I love the part when he mentioned, it made the beginning so matured. He pronounced Aeroberry well, Kudos bro, I will share your songs to my families and friends on facebook.

  8. Seems they were 2 persons that sang it. I can hear a second voice during the rapping phase, and that voice sounds clearer and nicer. kudos bro

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