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Hello lovelies the weekend is fast approaching again *dancing shoki*.Tomorrow we will have our week long review and lesson of the week. If you have any lesson to share please kindly inbox me so that others can learn from you. So today am discussing a trend that have misled most singles especially the female folks.
Read on..

Browsing through Facebook these days and i see the high number of boys and girls that are now using the pictures of their Boyfriend or Girlfriend as their profile picture or cover picture.
Back then you met that girl or the boy and you think you were in love, not realizing you were actually in LUST, then you two took a picture holding hands together and then you put it in your photo album or under your pillow, telling yourself that you are now in love.
Then a couple of months passed and whatever possessed you then has cleared and you both go your separate ways. Some will even use scissors to slice the pictures in frustration. I bet none of you will openly admit doing any of the above lolz

Anyway, to serious issues now:
If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and he/she used your picture as cover or profile picture, there’s nothing absolutely WRONG with that. Infact, you should thank your lucky stars that He/ She loved you so much and was willing to
advertise it so everyone will know that you two are in love.
It is a great idea and a public demonstration of LOVE. It is a strong message to any intruder to back off because you two are made for each
other, it is something to celebrate that your Boyfriend or Girlfriend put up your picture or the one you two snapped holding hands in a park
somewhere as cover picture.
But, there’s a PROBLEM especially if you are a woman.

It will be unreasonable of anyone to publicly advertise a relationship that don’t actually have a direction, that’s where many people especially women fall into this trap of LUST masquerading as LOVE.
The day you started advertising your boyfriend, you practically shut out other guys who might have talked to you, they see you as TAKEN, they
will be looking at other girls.
BUT, The man you advertised hasn’t advertised you to his family,
your own family knows nothing about his plans.
All your SHOW of LOVE ends on Facebook and your occasional visits for sex weekends. So what if he walks away like some do? just
because of a mere promise which has no foundation, you shut out others because of a guy who your family doesn’t know? That’s
foolishness in any other language.
No man has the right to show you off and potentially end your chances of meeting other guys if he is NOT in the process of marrying you.
This is the mistake many girls are making and if the guy walks,their world ends!

Do yourself this favour, Keep your relationship quiet until he moves it to the next level, You will have years and years to USE his picture and he
use your picture but first, Let him show some commitment before he STOPS others coming for you.

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