Dressing For A Marriage > Marriage they say is a good thing to experience, it is confirmed in the Bible with the text saying ” He who finds a good wife finds a good thing ” . Nevertheless some marriages could be frustrating and painful ! Unknown to some women there are certain attitudes and actions which may attract the opposite sex indirectly, in this situation [marriage] the white gown which the bride  puts on represent ” purity ” but how can one be seen as purified in this kind of dressing. Even if I am the pastor conducting this marriage I may decide to do some funny things, lol ! you know what I mean.

Alright drop your comment, what do you think about this dressing in your own opinion, please share your views by commenting below !

Dressing For A Marriage

I know a bride has the right to wear whatever she wants as long as her groom, family and the church is okay with it but what this bride wore to her wedding got people talking on social media with many saying it was inappropriate. Even the bridesmaids are inclusive…lol. But what do you guys think about it?