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8 Incredible Proven Exercises As At 2015 You Can Do While At Work [You Need To Read This]

Man busy nature as a result of working or other activities could hinder him from stretching his muscles which are very vital for proper growth.

Exercises As At 2015
Exercises As At 2015

Many jobs involve sitting at a desk for hours. This is extremely bad for our body – it can cause neck, back pain and headaches; if you work on the computer constantly, then you are at risk of developing carpal tunnel, which is a numbness sensation on your hand due to pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. This condition will make you less productive at your job. So, if you have some down time at work, try doing one of these cardio, strength, or stretch exercises!

1. Dips
Try some tricep dips using your chair. Turn away from your chair and take a few steps away from it. Grip the edge of the chair behind you, placing your hands on the sides of your body, and keep your feet firmly on the floor. Start with straight arms, then bend them. Hold for a few seconds then straighten again. Repeat 10 times.


2. Leg lifts
Another exercise you do can while sitting: lift one leg and extend it. Hold it straight for a few seconds, then lower slowly towards the floor. Stop when your foot is just above the floor and hold it for another few seconds. Switch legs and repeat 15-20 times.


3. Stretch
An easy stretch you can do at your desk: put one leg one your desk and lean forward far enough to feel a slight stretch. Alternate between flexing your foot and pointing it for a few seconds. End on flexing your foot, bend forward further and hold it for 10 seconds, then switch legs.


4. Side twists
For an ab workout: sit up straight and have your feet hovering above the floor. You can choose to either hold the edge of the desk and use your ab muscles to move the chair side to side or simply move your upper torso side to side. Do 10-15 repetitions.

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