Nigerian Woman Dies In India: Family Alleges Foul Play, Petitions Envoy


The family of a Nigerian Woman Mrs. Monica Sunday has petitioned the India’s High Commissioner in Nigeria to urgently step up investigation into the death of their relative.

Mrs Monica was reported to have died in India while recuperating from illness.

In the petition filed through their counsel, Olayiwola Afolabi, the family also appealed to the high commissioner to order an autopsy and criminal inquiry to unravel the circumstances of the death and examine the alleged complicity of some Nigerians, who were said to have been with Mrs Sunday before her death.

Besides, the family appealed to the High Commissioner to halt the hurried deportation of the corpse of the deceased to Nigeria, a move they said was to prevent a forensic investigation into the case.

According to the petition, “we, therefore, on behalf of our clients, make the humble requests that first, preliminary autopsy onto the cause of death be conducted and a follow up criminal investigation be launched, especially with respect to the suspected foul play by some individuals and if culpable, that they be brought to book.

“Similarly, on completion of investigations, the corpse be returned to Nigeria for proper burial according to traditional rites.”

The family informed the Indian High Commissioner in Nigeria that late Mrs. Sunday travelled to India in 2012, when she had severe medical health conditions, to seek the expertise of some doctors, who successfully carried out the prescribed medical procedures on her.

It added that after her treatment, she was advised to stay further in the country as the nature of her treatment would require constant medical checks and follow up procedures.

The family added that being in an unfamiliar environment, she found it expedient to be in the company of some Nigerians in that country, who were privy to her plans to come back to Nigeria next month.

The family alleged that the said Nigerians were the ones that were with the late Monica and interacted with her in her residence hours before her neighbours confirmed the unfortunate incident of her death.

The petition added: “That our clients lost contact with the deceased on November 2, when the incident supposedly took place, only to get a call from a neighbour in India on November 6, informing of Monica Sunday’s death and explaining the highly suspicious circumstances of her death and the clandestine involvement of the individuals, who were her supposed friends.

It also added that the deceased, Mrs Monica Sunday was pregnant until the time of her death.

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