The Dutchman has gained a reputation for being a disciplinarian and the Belgium international was on the receiving end of his wrath due to his poor time-keeping

Marouane Fellaini claims that Louis van Gaal fined 10 Manchester United players because they were one minute late for lunch.

The Dutchman has gained a reputation for his disciplinarian ways throughout his career, and has employed the same methods at Old Trafford as he bids to return United to the Champions League.

Fellaini has enjoyed something of a revival under the 63-year-old, but he admits that he was on the receiving end of Van Gaal’s fury after failing to turn up for lunch on time.

“He blew a fuse the other day when a group of 10 of us were one minute late for lunch after training,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Mirror.

“You think one minute is nothing and it wasn’t for training, but for the canteen. For him it’s important though.

“He dished out a few fines. That’s what happens to late-comers and even for a red card. You get fined, too, for a bad foul”.

Despite his resurgent form under Van Gaal, Fellaini admits that he cried when he discovered David Moyes – the Dutchman’s predecessor – had been sacked in April 2014.

“I was sad when he went. I came into the canteen and saw him in a suit instead of his tracksuit. He called me into his office and told me,” he added.

“There were tears and that is normal, I am human. I worked six years with him. He was not a second father, but almost. He helped me a lot”.