Fuel Station
Fuel Station

Recently a crazy unidentified man in Michigan, a city in the United States of America, almost sets an entire fuel station ablaze if not for the quick response of a staff at the fuel station.

A man realized he was stup*d after he tried to roast a Spider near his petrol tank while filling up his car at a Fuel station.

The man, wasn’t thinking when he tried to burn a spider that was crawling on his car with his cigarette lighter.

The fire swiftly spread due to the fuel fumes engulfed the fuel pump.

An employee at the fuel station quickly hit the automatic stop button and then called the fire department. The man grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames before firefighters arrived.

fire caused by spider

The foolish man then admitted to investigators that he saw a spider crawling on his gas tank before trying to burn it alive. Lucky for him, his car was not damaged by the fire and only one fuel pump got burnt.

He went back to the fuel station the next day to apologize. The damage to the gas station is expected to be covered by accident insurance.

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