Habits That Affect Your Health


Everyone at a particular age can decipher good from bad, but it is pertinent to remind ourselves more often on the things we need to do. Habits contributes greatly to our health, therefore it is important to have a healthy life style. Lack of a healthy lifestyle causes death. Some of these habits that can put our lives at risk are:
• Smoking: smoking cigarette can cause heart failure. Do not smoke or use tobacco. Most illnesses like throat and lungs cancer, including heart diseases are preventable. It amazes me that most people with this habit find it difficult to stop even when their lives are at risk.

• Alcohol: It is sometimes fun and thrilling to want to feel tipsy and high but be warned that having more than two bottles of alcohol in a day slowly drags you close to your grave. The intake of too much alcohol damages the liver. Excessive alcohol intake also poses as a serious threat to those who drink before driving.

• Overweight: It is a known fact that Nigerians are overweight. As an overweight you are at risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, gallbladder disease etc. it is very important to cut down fatty food and eat more of fibre food. Having a healthy meal on daily basis is the best way to be alive without suffering from one disease or the other. Take at least a fruit in a day. When you eat the right food you help your body build a stronger immune system that will help fight against attacks in the body.

• Lack of exercise: The human body needs exercise; it prevents heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, fatigue, osteoporosis, cancer etc. Exercise as often as possible. For those who are too busy to exercise everyday because of work, you should at least avoid jumping into cabs and buses all the time. Take a long walk.

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