China: Nun horribly beaten up by rival over job position


A Buddhist nun in China has claimed she was badly beaten up by a rival who wanted to take over her job of running a Chinese temple.

Wei Hui, a Buddhist nun known as a bhikkhuni who ended up in the hospital, claims religious leaders are refusing to take action after she was left lying in the gutter covered in blood following the attack.

Reports say she was given the job at the Jingzhou Tienv Temple in central China’s Hubei Province  as head nun which is seen as very prestigious but it was also wanted by rival Xi Jing, who now stands accused of attacking Wei Hui to put her out of action.

She said: ‘I was left lying in the gutter with my clothes covered in blood. There is a medical report that confirms I was badly hurt, yet there seems to be some suggestion that it was my fault that I ended up like this.’

Her rival 41-yr-old Xi Jing, meanwhile says that the allegations that she was the one who was responsible for the attack are nonsense, despite the fact Wei Hui claimed to have identified her.

She said: ‘Wei Hui is merely unhappy that I was asked to take over while she recovered in hospital.

‘The fact that I had been offered the chance to stand in for her was clearly proof that our religious superiors believe the allegations were nonsense.’

According to Buddhist scriptures, the order of bhikkhunis or female nuns was first created by Buddha five years after he created the first Buddhist monk.

Although the female order eventually died out, it was reinstated in 2007 after a congress held in Germany with representatives from Buddhist countries all round the world.

Zhao Yongqin, the director general of Jingzhou national religious affairs management institutions, when contacted for comment claimed to be unaware of the fact that Wei Hui had been beaten despite the medical report testifying to her injuries.

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