How a man walked into a hotel and was amazed to see his wife working as a prostitute. A must read


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Husband catches wife working as prostitute in a hotel


A horrified husband was shocked to his bone marrow when he walked into a brothel and saw his wife who claimed to be a waitress, was actually working as a prostitute and was just coming out of a room with another man.

Tatenda Nyika of Gweru, a suburb of Zimbabwe, was left speechless after he discovered that his wife, Miriam Dube, had been selling her body for six months without his knowledge.

Nyika told Zimbabwe tabloid that he was overjoyed when his wife told him that she had found a new job as a waitress in the city where she will do the night shift, after he lost his job.

Nyika said he was glad that the family finally had a stable source of income while he looked for another job but when friends informed him that his wife was actually working as a prostitute, he decided to investigate and see if his friend was saying the truth.

“I kept hearing it from a lot of people, so I decided to follow my wife to her work place and I caught her in the act with another man.”

The angry husband was so embitter that he descended on his wife and the man identified as Oscar Tafara, and beat them thoroughly.

Tafara told police after they were all arrested and taken to the station that he did nothing wrong as he only paid for the services that were provided to him and he had no knowledge that Dube was married.

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