3 things your girl will say when she truly loves you.


1. I’m scared……

Most ladies are fond of saying it, especially when they have given themselves to you finally. In a sense, maybe after sex. They then tell you that “I’m scared”. In an urge for you being caring to know why she’s scared, is just that she think you might leave her in nearest time when you’ve seen another girl who would do more than her. Therefore, What you keep hearing is “I’m scared”RELAT

2. Dont break my heart

A lady who is fully in love with you, is always minded about you. You are what rings on her mind every minute as they would be thinking of you. The rate they fall in for you will be very high, so ladies are fond of speculating that you aren’t loving them as they do for you, and if suddenly break their heart, especially if you are a ladies man, as they believe many ladies will keep tripping. Therefore, they do think in a way of asking themselves question like “wont he break my heart now?!,because i really love him”. Hence, they do like to ring it on your hearing that “Dont break my heart oooo, i really love you so much”

3. Can I trust you.

A girl who is in love with you maybe scared to trust you basically because of what she may or might have seen. So, its left for a guy to know how to make her sure of him. Their mind may keep telling them that you may be dating another girl outside her, so they may find difficulties in trusting you. Anyway you can build your trust for her and make believe you.relationship-work-college

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