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How Using Your Toilet Can Be Dangerous To Your Health


How long do you lock yourself up in that comfortable place called toilet?

Are you finding it difficult to complete your business in the toilet? If yes, then you are at risk of what is called hemorrhoid a.k.a Pile.

Hemorrhoid/pile is a swelling that contains enlarged blood vessels that are found inside or outside the anus.

• Bleeding after passing a stool.
• Itching in the anus.
• A lump hanging outside the anus, which can be pushed back after passing a stool.

It is caused by excessive straining when passing a stool, mainly because of constipation. It is a situation when there is increased pressure in the blood vessels in and around the anus. Those at risk of pile/hemorrhoids are:
• Pregnant women. During delivery when a woman is pushing out the child, in the process can also push out the anus.
• Families with history of pile.
• Fat/overweight people.
• Age 45 and above.


Prevention and treatment

The most effective way of preventing pile is to avoid staying in the toilet for too long,if you find it difficult to poop don’t force it. Straining with time puts pressure and pushes out the anus.

Hemorrhoids gotten from child birth usually go back to normal. However, if the case is different you should see a doctor.
How you can avoid using the toilet for too long
• Eat lots of food that contains fibre. Avoid excessive carbohydrate intake. Fibre sources include: whole wheat whole grain seeds, oat and nut.
• Eat lots of fruits eg Water melon.
• Drink lots of water.
• Exercise.
• Empty your bowel as often as you can, do not strain when using the toilet.Avoid anything that can harden your stool and will make you stay longer in the toilet

If you do not intend going for surgery to remove the pile, you can band it by using an elastic band to put around the hemorrhoid to cut off inflow of blood to the vessels. It will fall off after some period of time.
Apply olive oil or kernel pomade (an extract from palm kernel) to stop itching and pains in and outside the anus.
Take medications prescribed by your doctor to help ease your stool in the toilet.

WARNING: Do not be shy, see a doctor before it becomes too late.

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