Yemi Alade: I Performed At Over 300 Free Shows Before Hitting Stardom

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Afro pop Nigerian artiste Yemi Alade, popularly known as”Miss Johnny” has revealed some very interesting things about herself and one of the most captivating is that she is in a relationship. Sorry Lads!

Yemi in the early hours of today, December 3, had an interview on urban Lagos radio station, Beat FM, where she explained that she has been in the relationship with her lover for some time, refusing to divulge further details on it.

The Afro pop singer went on further to relate her musical experiences, her shortcomings and pitfalls, but yet in all those she stayed strong and pulled through.

Read on to see highlights from the interview:

“It wasn’t easy in the beginning. I performed at over 300 free shows before I became this big. I didn’t use to have money for studio sessions. It was that bad” she said.

She also talked about the fans and how much love she has received at performances around the world especially in London where she got the highest international reception.

She said: “My biggest stage so far has been at a performance in London. I saw a sea of people up there at Wembley, London.

“It was deep. I was shaking. In fact my soul was doing ‘alanta ‘ (a popular Nigerian dance). That has been my biggest stage so far for the English-speaking audience.

“Non-English fans also blow me away. They probably don’t know what’s happening [but they sing and dance along regardless].

“Sometimes I go online and see Asians dancing to Johnny. They dunno what’s going on in the song but they are killing it.

“Swahili-speaking fans are great too. I remember one experience when Tanzanian fans were waiting for me cuz I flew overnight and so I got in late. So they started booing me when I got on stage. But as soon as the music started playing, they started showing me love.”


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Speaking on what inspires her and her strengths, she said:

“A lot of things. My environment, mom, family, experiences, the people I relate with, and all of that.

“My strength lies in the ability to continue being original with my sounds.”

Recently Miss Jonny launched her jewelry line but we haven’t gotten enough of her yet as she is yet to drop a new album in 2016.

“My next project is a new album which is due to be released next year and it’s called Mama Africa.”

In most cases it was never been easy for our top musicians and Yemi Alade is no different as she went on to encourage her fans and upcoming artistes to be determined and never give up in their various endeavors.

She said: “You need to get the point where you want to give up then look back and turn everything around by pushing harder.

“It was a crazy experience for me before fame came. Then my management said to me ‘you mean you have done this for so long only to quit?’ after listening to this I reached deep and got my passion to continue.

“You see, it’s very easy to get that hit song and relax so it’s very important to find that inner drive that gets you going, that way you stay focused.”

Yemi Alade is a multi award-winning afro pop singer who hit limelight following her win at the music reality competition Peak Talent Show in 2009.

Her last album, King Of Queens, was released on October 2, 2014 and was greeted by a massive reception from fans and critics alike.

Yemi Alade’s from Grass To Grace story is an inspiration and she’s presently popularly known in most parts of the world for her outstanding musical and fashion talent.

Word of advice is; In other to excel you have to keep pushing, no matter how hard it seems or how many times you’ve failed, never give up till you reach your point of achievement.

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