Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose met with artisans and Okada riders in his state yesterday where he promised them that he would never ban Okada in the state.

According to him, until other means of livelihood is provide, no one should cut the existing one.




As controversial as Ayo Fayose could be sometimes, he is really making sense here. The truth is that some state governors ban the use of Okada for whatever reason. However, they failed to provide another means of survival for the hard working okada riders. That of course is not fair. It is very hard to get job in Nigeria. Now, some young men decided to be self employed and created the job of Okada riding to earn a living. The government that cannot provide job for them then decides to close off an avenue of job creation. How senseless is that kind of act. Now they say people use the Okada to steal. Is placing a ban on Okada the only way to solve the problem ? What about providing good security ? They also say Okada riders cause lots of accident on the way. Why not place police on the way to check their speed. We should praise Fayose for thinking reasonably.