IGR has turned Professors into ‘butchers and hawkers’ — ASUU

He lamented that the situation is impacting negatively on the academic mandate of Nigerian universities.


The Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (ASUU) has blasted the Federal Government over its policy that requires universities to generate funds internally.

ASUU President Dr Nasir Fagge Isa, who spoke at the 63rd University of Ibadan Postgraduate School Interdisciplinary discourse on the topic “ASUU struggles and the Revitalization of Public University Education in Nigeria”, said the policy has turned Professors to mere animal butchers and hawkers.

“IGR policy of government has meant a shift of focus to production of bread, pure water, fish sale and sale of meat” Fagge said.

“Professors are appointed as butchers, hawkers and supervisors of enterprises that are at the best a waste of time and energy.”

He lamented that the situation is impacting negatively on the academic mandate of Nigerian universities.images

“More important is that scarce manpower is diverted from the classrooms and laboratory in the pursuit of enterprises that are incongruent with University mission.”

Fagge also said institutions are in a bid to meet the IGR policy, going against the same principles they teach.

“Universities are now competing with the same peasant traders they are supposed to serve, some, like the University of Ibadan, close their campuses to goods from outsider and run a close economy while the Department of Economics teach competition and free market.”

The union boss warned that the development may be part of a plan to paralyze the public university education system in order effect a market-based privatization.ProfAdewumi21

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