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Imagine this ! Another must read post by Mc Chaze


Post by Mc Chaze.

mc chaze
Mc Chaze

Good day everyone, once in a while we all need to think of life and what it has to offer to us. I Woke up this wonderful day to get this post From a loving and caring friend/brother ” Mc Chaze “. You would definitely enjoy this, And he titled this one ” Imagine this ” Ok lets begin.

Imagine this!!

Imagine waking up from a coma that is past six years ago to hear the following strange news:-

(1) That Muhammed Buhari finally defeated Jonathan and won the presidential elections.

(2) That the former ruthless Abuja FCT minister that only knows how to destroy houses is now your state governor.

(3) That Barcelona finally beat Bayern Munich past to get to the finals and even Neymar scores anyhow now?

(4) That OBj is now an APC member?

(5) That Peter Obi dumped APGA for PDP?

(6) That Fuel now sells as high as N300 per litre?

(7) that people now trek from different states to Abuja and back to Otuoke?

(8) That you can now buy babies in Port-Harcourt especially twins?

Please will you prefer to leave the hospital immediately or go back sleep?

Post by Mc Chaze.

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