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by Ifeyinwa Ezeudu, Rph,MPSN,MFGOP

Valentine's DayEveryone talks about love at some time or point in life. Love is a strong emotion with its amiable force which can be compared with none of the emotions in existence. Love is one of the cheapest emotions that can never be bought. The force which comes with love cannot be resisted no matter how tough you are. Love is not what we can command in the same way as we do with other emotions without minding their implications. You can invite love but can never command love on when, where or how it would express itself. When love knocks, you may choose to open the door or not but in the end, the force of love would strike like lightening at the point you can barely predict or handle.

You can stage a seduction or workout a courtship but the outcome can never be love rather an infatuation or two intense illusion running along sides.

No matter how big you think you are, love is bigger than you are, it can only be attracted by grace. It takes its course in its time. It visits those whom it pleases at its own time.

Love cannot be used as an incentive nor can it be used as a punishment. Any other thing pretending to be love can be used to deceive people. It can never be delivered in the same pattern as love no matter how it is coated because it cannot flow freely from the heart.

Love is so strong that it sometimes pushes us to love those we do not wish to ever love. It does not come with condition, authority or code. It sparkles on its own as stars against our wishes, fears and desires.

Love is by its nature free, it has no price and every human is entitled to it. It is the sole right of all human being. It can never be sold or bought nor even traded in anyway. Love is not a substance nor a commodity. It has no boundaries, territories or weight or even mass.

One can buy partners, friends, husband and wives but not love.

Love can not be imprisoned. Love cannot be enforced on someone or taken away from someone against his or her wish.

Romance, fantasy, sexual stimulations and gratification whether by the way of fingers, mouth, objects, whips and chain or even plain intercourse can definitely be bought and sold but not love.

Compassion, loyalty, respect, companionship and perhaps attention can all be bought but love itself cannot be bought.

One can buy orgasm at any point in time and even from the slightest activities of the day but not love.

Love does not demand a promise or allow itself to be turned on and off or to be manipulated against oneself.

Love forgives and does not bear grudges. This does not mean that love allows unfriendly or abusive behaviour to go unresolved. It speaks out for justice and protests when harm is being done. Love abhors hurting oneself or the other. It however gives room for anger, grief or pain to be expressed and released. Love does not get sad at the success of the other rather it seeks the happiness of the other at all times. Love does not threaten to withhold itself if it does not get what it wants. Love does not say directly or indirectly, “I can not love you anymore if you do not change this lifestyle. If you want me to love you, you must do what I want at all times”. Love is inherently compassionate and empathetic. It honors the sovereignty of each soul.

Love is so beautiful when it is shared, when it is balanced and when it is inspiring.

We all need love. The soul which does not have love should be getting ready to wither just as beautiful flowers do when the nutrients are not sufficient to sustain them.

The joy that radiates from the heart when love is found is enough to extend ones life. Love is a sweet emotion.

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