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President Goodluck Jonathan Dares Amaechi


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It is no longer news that Amaechi had refused to grant PDP permission to use Adokiye Amiesiamka Stadium in Port Harcourt. People had been wondering what will PDP do. Where will they hold their campaign when they get to Port Harcourt.

However, on the 28th of January, 2015, the campaign train of Jonathan got to Port Harcourt. And guess what, they held their campaign at the Stadium that Amaechi didn’t want them to use. What a dare ! What will Amaechi do next. What will be the reaction of APC since the stadium is a state and not a federal government stadium. More news still to come. The election campaign is getting more interesting daily. We pray they wont burn down our country (Nigeria) even before the elections start.

It may also interest you to know that Jonathan was welcomed in the stadium by a mammoth crowd. And while he addressed the people he told them that he had not done a lot in the south-south region because he wanted to be fair to other regions. He wanted to distribute the resources of the country equitablely. Interesting , isn’t  it?


See below pictures of Jonathan campaign in Port Harcourt.


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