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LADIES; 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dating Short Guys



Lots of ladies have specifications regarding the type of man they want to date. These may range from how financially buoyant he is, his intelligence, his abs, how handsome he is and so on. Some ladies do not have specific traits they want and as such can be considered equal opportunities dater. However, short guys have had to bear the brunt of finding an ideal date since they rank deep in the pecking order. This may not be the same for ladies that don’t consider physical traits as a necessity for dating but there are many reasons why you as a lady should consider dating short men.
These men should not necessarily be way shorter than you are but after reading this article, I bet you would want to reconsider and try dating short men.

Your Feet Will Never Get Sore

It is a common phenomenon for women to wear heels which comes with apparent discomfort. Chances are you’d develop swollen ankles and bulging calf muscles if you wear heels a lot of the time. Dating short men would help put this in check as you’d want to drop the stilettos and go with flats or small heeled shoes. This relieves the discomfort and will most probably put you in a comfortable height range with your short boyfriend. And if you actually enjoy wearing heels, you’d have the appearance of a model next to your boyfriend and most short men like to flaunt their pretty women in the face of taller guys.
Your Selfies Will Be Very Good

Apparently, since you both are relatively close in terms of height difference, the selfies are always excellent. The selfies you take will fit in well into the Instagram square and as such, there would be no need for a selfie stick. This is one of the perks that comes with dating a short man.

They Have A Huge Sense of Humour

Most short guys are already used to the Butt of jokes they get from being short and as such possess an amazing sense of humour. You’d find out that you find it easy to take jibes at them which they hardly take personal because of their sense of humour.

Sex In The Shower Is Way Easier

As time goes on, you are bound to find out that short guys have a whole lot of advantages. Due to the alignment of your body part with his, as a result of your proximity in height, having sex in the shower would be way easier. Neither of you would have to squat or bend in an uncomfortableposition for either of you to fit. This is a major plus for short guys.

Most Have A Big Wiener

A lot of short guys compensate for their lack of height with their penis. Most have a penis size that averages 6 inches. As such, if you are the type that wants your man big, go out and give that short man a chance and you just might be happy for it.

They Have Loads Of Confidence

The confidence of short men is mostly high as it seems that they make up for what they lack in height with their swagger. Some of them might seem cocky but it is mostly as a result of brewing confidence. They will come on to you with such vigour that you will be surprised.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Neck Pains

Surely, it looks very romantic when you see a guy that has the height of a typical basketball player kissing a short girl standing on her toes. But that is surely not comfortable when they are making out. Short guys will have and five relative access to every part of the body during make out sessions. This is another reason to date them.

Well, the height of a man or woman doesn’t really matter as the parts that are most important have nothing to do with it. Other things such as how much he can make you smile after a rough day and how much he loves you should count more than the way you and people around view him when he stands next to you

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