Listen to President Goodluck Jonathan’s phone call to Buhari

Before the 2015 Presidential election started, the feelings among some people both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria was that Nigeria may not come out this election without a blood fight. The manner and way the election campaigns leading to the election were carried out did not help matters. The two main opposition parties engaged in character defamation more than issue based campaign. In some part of the country there were violent attacks against the opposite party, the people, their vehicles or banners and posters. It was a very dirty, violent and emotion filled campaign leading to the election. When the election came and the results were counted, many Nigerians like myself held our breath because we were not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If Jonathan wins, will Buhari accept it ? Will the supporters of Buhari accept it ? And if Buhari wins which we think was impossible due to the nature of election in Nigeria, will Jonathan accept it ? Will his supporters accept it? This were some questions making their way into the minds of some people I guess.  Actually as I watched the results being announced by INEC one after the other, my heart beat increased. I was really concerned about my country. Will there be another civil war in my beloved country ? Will lives be lost because of the ambition of some selfish politicians ?

And when it was clear that Buhari was leading and that Jonathan cannot catch up and the former minister of Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe wanted to disrupt the collation process, I said to myself, this is it. I know they won’t allow the opposition to win. I know they won’t allow INEC to finish the collation process.

But I was wrong, with some few minutes, it was in the news that President Goodluck Jonathan has called Muhammadu Buhari and conceded defeat. At first, I thought it was an April fool thing. But it all turned out to be true. No president before him has ever done that. It was never in the thought of any Nigerian that a Nigerian politician will do such. It was a surprise to every one. It was a welcome surprise indeed. By that act, Jonathan saved Nigeria from another civil war. By that act, Jonathan saved his country from being destroyed. By that act, Jonathan put the good of his country and his country people over and above his political ambition. By that act, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan wrote his name in bold letters in the heart of many Nigerians even those that did not like him before the election. He made history. He changed the political culture of Nigeria. He will be seen by many both within and outside Nigeria as a statesman. A man of integrity. Our best politician so far despite his mistakes. Our hero.

This is the reason why a record of his phone call to Buhari is a very important piece to keep and to be shown to posterity.

Please listen to this historic phone call :


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