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Life is too short to hide inside a shell. Crawl out and live your time.   The most important thing in life is to find time to discover yourself. Discover your potentials which could mean living out your time on self breaks from tedious jobs, complete holidays and personal adventures.

Yearn to know more of the world around you because we learn everyday in everyway. Imagine spending your life without knowing you could run very fast until you got chased by a wild dog at age 65? Lol.              My dear what a great athlete you could have been while you were younger.

Don’t keep your life hell-bent on a narrow path leading to boredom that kills. Discover thyself and yearn for it too.  “I used to miss good chances in life but after moments of self mastery, I got better at it but it took me time”- Chaze Aroh.

Learn to sense any trouble or discover solutions within seconds and minutes.   Live your life discovering who you are and not what you want to become. The truth is that a lizard that first learnt that he can’t run 2 miles an hour and worked to increase his speed is far better than the other lizard who wants to be like his father that ran only 1 mile per hour in his lifetime. Records are surely meant to be broken but if only you live your time.

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