Xenophobe : Massive killing of black africans in South Africa – Alert !!!

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News reaching us now shows that there is a massive slaughter of other black Africans in Johannesburg, South Africa.  A lot of black people are being killed by black South Africans. Black South-Africans are claiming that black migrants from other African countries are taking over their jobs, that is why they are burning and killing them. Already a group of South African students killed 5 Congolese students, 10 Nigerians, 5 Gabonese and 10 Somalis yesterday around 10:00 am in Johannesburg. The police is advising foreigners to avoid using public transport expecially train,taxi etc.  The source of this news claims that the South African media is hiding this news so that international media won’t know what is happening. According to the source, yesterday the locals attacked an area called POINT Johannesburg and a lot of black people were displaced from their flat. Massive xenophobic attack is going on in South Africa right now. Alert !!!

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