Men Of God Failed To Deliver Ex-President Jonathan From A Spell – Bishop Okonkwo


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I have always said it that God’s hand is upon Nigeria. If not it would have been Nunc dimittis long ago. But God has a prophetic hand upon Nigeria.

It is not an accident, irrespective of our different challenges, and contradictions. So, whether the devil likes it or not Nigeria is going to be very great.

On Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade

Everybody knows that corruption has killed us. It is not only endemic, in fact, the level is that if you are not corrupt, you will not be a good Nigerian. That is the level we have degenerated.

And it is unfortunate calling Buhari Mr. Go-slow. How do you want him to come and clear the mess of 16 years in two days? I don’t know why we are never truthful with ourselves.

If the only thing Buhari can achieve is just to instil fear of corruption, and all the machinery of government and agencies are working to dissuade corruption, then we would have achieved a lot.

Have you noticed that suddenly, electricity is working? EFCC has come alive? Where have they been all these years? The reason they were not working before was that no one would indict or punish them.

I admire ex-President Jonathan so much, but he didn’t have the gut to fight corruption. I will also blame the men of God.

I will say the men of God, failed Jonathan. Because Jonathan was operating like somebody under some spell and we (the men of God) had the responsibility of taken him out of the spell, pray with him even for three days and whatever was holding him would have been removed. But we did not do that.

Probably, he had the intention of doing the right thing but forces were against him and don’t forget he was not a matured christian.

We would have taken him out and probably we would not be in this mess today.

Source: Vanguard

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