Monday Inspiration -:- Stop Wishing, Start Acting [ A Must Read ]


He was poor. He looked tattered. He didn’t have clothes to wear. He never had good food to eat, but he wanted to be great.

He sat looking into space on the bridge and saw an old fisherman with his great catch of fish,  He said,  “if only I can have that catch of fish, i will livewell.  I will sell some, buy good clothes and have good food to eat.”

The old man heard him and said to him.  “Young man,  come and do some little errand for me and I will give you some fish”.  The old man said to him,  “I need to be somewhere quickly.  Please watch over my fishing nets, for me and I will be back shortly”.  The young man soon discovered that lots of fishes were coming into the net, he kept catching them. By the time the old man returned, the young man had caught lots of fishes. The old man said to him. “I just wanted to teach you a lesson of life, never waste your time wishing what could happen, unless you attend to it to make it happen nothing happens..

So stop wishing and start acting.

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