Niger Army Kills Over 300 Boko Haram Fighters

Niger-Republic-Army-TroopsNews reaching us has it that the Nigerien army have killed over 300 Boko Haram fighters in a fierce battle near its border with Nigeria. This news was earlier revealed by Nigerien military officer and was later confirmed by it’s country Minister of Defence, Mahamadou Karidjo when he answered questions from journalists.

The source of the news said, “I can confirm that we received signals that the Niger Republic soldiers killed over 300 of them. And we are also battle ready in our end here around Yobe state that shares border with Diffa region. The Boko Haram fighters are gradually running away from border areas into hinterland where they cannot succeed. I can also tell you that very soon, we will cut short their movement and links with villages they get foods and other essentials. The alternative they have used to be from Niger, Tchad and Cameroon areas but with this development with multinational military approaches. We will soon cycle them and route all of them and their camps.”

This is good news to all expecially Nigerians who have been troubled by Boko Haram for over 6 years now. The fact that their neigbours, Cameroun, Chad, and Niger has joined the Nigerian military in the fight against Boko Haram, gives every one a glimmer of hope. Hope that soon this Boko Haram thing would be history if the pressure against the militants started now could be sustained.





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