Niger Hints That Nigerian Soldiers Are Cowards

Soldiers-flee-to-cameroun Nigerian military has lost its fame. The once revered and acclaimed military in Africa has now become what other military forces in Africa refer to when they want to give an example of a weak military. Can you imagine the defence ministry of Niger Republic saying that his soldiers would not run away like Nigerian soldiers. Should he be crucified because he made such a statement ? I don’t think so though you may have a different view. I think our soldiers brought this shame upon themselves. They have been running away from Boko Haram miliatants in the battle field and even dropping their weapons for the militants. What a shame !

This is the exact words of the spokes person of Niger Republic defence ministry according to Nigerian Watch “Our soldiers are not like Nigerians. They don’t run.”

Again, I think they should not be crucified for making this statement because they are reechoing in different form what Nigeria’s National security adviser Col Sambo Dasuki said when he accused some people in the military of cowardice saying, “Unfortunately, we have a lot of cowards. We have people who use every excuse in this world not to fight.”

I hope our military wont see this as a slight on them but an expression of a fact. I hope also that they wont see it as a means to demoralize them in the fight against Boko Haram, rather may it be a means to fan into flame that spirit of braveness and heroism in them. May they also start now to redeem their image by defeating Boko Haram in the battle field than engaging the press and Niger defence ministry in war of rhetorics. This is the only way they can shame their critics and those who see them as weaklings.

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