Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Smoke Shisha (Photos)

6.Laide Bakare

The latest to join the shisha bloc is actress, Laide Bakare.


From close observations it was not obvious if she smokes, but she recently gave an insight on how it is like handling the shisha pipe.

Others say since the tobacco smoke has passed through water, all the toxic chemicals in the Shisha have been filtered out. According to findings, Shisha smoking is a destructive habit regardless of the smoke being flavored.

Despite the fact that Shisha is flavored & passed through water, the carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) and nicotine remains very present. Regular Shisha smokers should know they are at risk of the same medical problems as cigarette/tobacco smokers.

The nicotine present in Shisha smoke is very addictive & things may degenerate that the smoker may need the Shisha every day.

According to a W.H.O research, the amount of smoke inhaled in one hour of Shisha smoking is the same as smoking 100-200 cigarettes. People smoke Shisha for longer periods than they smoke cigarettes. Just 1 puff of inhaled Shisha smoke is like smoking a whole cigarette.

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