Nine Ways To Avoid Back Trouble

Sitting position
The following are some ways expert advice can help you with back trouble:
 Ensure that you are sitting down or standing in the right way. Pay attention to your posture at all times.
 Exercise is important no matter how busy you are with your job or house chores, do find a time to exercise. Exercising is the answer to a flexible body.
 Before lifting heavy weights, make sure you are prepared. You can do it by bending with your knees, let the weight rest on your knees instead of your back.

Sitting position

 When carrying heavy weight put your arms close to your body.
 Always squat down to pick a child.
 Use a comfortable mattress, your mattress should not be too strong or too soft.
 For ladies do not wear high heels all the time and they should be worn within a short period of time.
 Going on barefoot is good for you, it is important to go on barefoot whenever you can.
 If you sit or drive a lot, ensure that the chair or your car seat is comfortable for you and with the right height.

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