Obasanjo visits Buhari again – What does he want ?

It is said that there is no smoke without fire. Obasanjo again paid a visit to Buhari. The details of the visit is not known to the press as of the time this news was posted. The fact that the outcome of the meeting is kept secret means that something is fishing. I don’t see Obasanjo as someone who can be trusted. He is a chameleon . He plays a very selfish kind of politics which is not patriotic. I still remember his politics of “do or die” when he was campaigning for a second term. He killed Nigerian electoral process. When he was the president, we never had a free and fair elections. Elections were all done by selection and the votes of the people never counted. Election results were written even before the votes were casted. He encouraged all these. It is a shame that he is still coming out parading himself like a self-righteous statesman of the nation.  What a hypocrisy. He is one that will want to destroy your name so that his name would be heard. My advice to Buhari is that he be careful with him. He can never be trusted.

See pictures below of Buhari with Obasanjo at his recent visit to Aso Rock.



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