Happy Birthday To Ojevwe Emmataire Unukogbon, Aeroberry’s Lovely October Celebrant

Ojevwe Emmataire Unukogbon

Ojevwe Emmataire Unukogbon

Hello Aeroberrites, today Aeroberry team presents to you another wonderful event from the city of Warri, Delta State.

On the 6th of October 2015 a Libra ♎ lady “Ojevwe” celebrated her birthday which was considered ” superb ” . The atmosphere was fun-filled, pleasant and lovely. Indisputably Libras are charming, loving, romantic and diplomatic. Libras are rare to find and when found tend to be so lovely.  Read more about them here 

It was a highly welcoming and entertaining event, as the host Ojevwe and MC OJ thrilled everyone. Everybody in the party was very much entertained and was happy that they came to the birthday bash of this elegantly beautiful damsel. Right from the opening prayer down to the cutting of cake, games and entertainment of guest, dancing and merriment, Ojevwe kept entertaining everyone.

Ojevwe Emmataire Unukogbon

Amazing dancers thrilled on-lookers as ladies with big b**ties were seen mesmerizing crowds with what their “mamas” gave to them. Ojevwe wasn’t left behind as she too took the stage and challenged other dancers, including the MC, girls and other guys in attendance. Her dancing skills were ” Superb ” and amazing that one would mistake her for a professional dancer.

Everyone was thrilled at the event and Aeroberry couldn’t stop admiring the organisation of the whole event. If you want to find out more the party, watch the beautiful pictures and videos below and you would be amazed at what you will see.

Ojevwe Emmataire Unukogbon


We leave the rest for you guys to decide via the comment box. Below are 5 secrets Aeroberry discovered about the celebrant ” Ojevwe ” .

  1. She is strikingly beautiful and amazing [ Her looks aren’t different from an ex-model ].
  2. She is a great dancer . Watch the video below to see for yourself her dancing step and nice outfit.
  3. She is a fashionista and very welcoming  [ Her dress code and shoes shows that ].
  4. She is intelligent and maintains  classic friends who are great dancers too.
  5. She has good family love and support and is a Libra lady [ appeasing and appealing ].



These are few video scene during the birthday party below, from the cutting of the cake down to the celebrant dancing  and thrilling the audience.

The video below shows Ojevwe cutting the cake , exposing her beautiful and lovely personality in the process.

Ojevwe and her sister having a good time and a great dance, fun to watch. Her sister is indeed marvelous, good song and a nice blue outfit, watch the video below. Funny scene, even the MC was caught leaking his tongue while dancing.

The party continued with more pictures taken with friends and well wishers who were excited to celebrate with the celebrant of the day.

Pictures continues below -:-

IMG_20151006_184225    IMG_20151006_184100 IMG_20151006_183956     IMG_20151006_183815

      IMG_20151006_182303  IMG_20151006_182251  IMG_20151006_180545IMG_20151006_181059      IMG_20151006_180001 IMG_20151006_175954         IMG_20151006_053708_1 IMG_20151006_053556_1    IMG_20151006_192819   IMG_20151006_053236_1

Wow, what a charming look and nice posture. Model in disguise.


Let’s wish her a happy birthday. Aeroberry team sends their regard, followers please send yours too via the comment box below. Show us and her some love by using the Facebook like button below or above.

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  1. Sorry Chioma for being unable to get to us. There is always another chance. When next you celebrate your birthday and wish to get it publicised here, let us know and we will discuss what it entails.

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  4. The music was Amazing It was A lovely event to behold. At last I did not waste my MB. Who is the pretty lady on blue singing ?

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  10. I Get excited when I see events like this. I watched every bit of it. Wanted to have idea incase I am starting up my own.

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    Happy Birthday sweetieeee

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