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Personal Change -:- A Truly Motivating Article, By Mc – Chaze

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Yea, change is here but without you and me, it will never work.  Let’s be honest, we all enjoyed the corrupt years in one little way or the other. Bribing, copyright and bullying were all forms of corruption we exhibited in one way or the other.

All hands have been soiled either directly or indirectly. We all enjoyed going to a transit company and paying extra to leave first. We all enjoyed walking into a bank and getting preferential treatment just by giving tips to either the security man or the cashier. The list of these Ill practices are endless.

We all were guilty of indulgence. The first stage of this change slogan is to kick-off by effecting personal change. We all have to change the way we think and reason.

Our mentality has to more matured than before now. This personal change is not something that can only benefit the society. It will like wise rub off positively on us. It is when we observe this personal change that we can see and appreciate the one that the government or our leader are bringing forward to us. Let’s adopt personal change today.

Its all that matters!

By Chaze Aroh

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