Petition to EFCC and Buhari against Amaechi that may cost him political appointments


The political game against Rotimi Amaechi the former governor of Rivers State and the chief campaign officer of Buhari during the past presidential election is heating up the more. The incumbent governor of Rivers State and some top guns from the state seem to have vowed not to rest until they see the downfall of Amaechi. In the petition below, if you read in-between the lines, you can see the politics in play. Whether this is mere politics or blackmail and a fabrication is yet to be verified. Nevertheless it is a grave accusation and a very tricky one for Buhari which if not attended to very well and openly may daint his anti corruption campaign. Remember at his last visit to the US, Buhari said he will not spare even a close ally to him if found to be corrupt. This case against Amaechi may be a litmus test to his sincerity in his fight against corruption. Will his fight against corruption be mainly against his political opponents and enemies ? We are very interested in this case to see how PMB and EFCC will handle it. Will they give it a deaf ear and throw it down the drain without any serious forensic and independent investigation because they think it is just a political and bias accusation ? I think PMB should be wise enough to see the handwriting on the wall. The way he handles this accusation against Amaechi may change the perception of many people both national and international, positively or negatively against his government.

The petition you will see below was filed by a Rivers State base group that calls themselves “Integrity Group”. They are accusing Amaechi and those who worked with him in his government of enriching themselves with the state fund totalling over N70 billion Naira. Wow !  this is huge and is no child’s play. See the documents below:doc 1

doc doc 3 doc 4 doc 5 doc 6 doc 7 doc 8

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