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Fuel Scarcity! Petrol Hikes To N400 Per Litre


The ongoing scarcity of petrol is posing a huge discomfort in the country as users are mandated to pay and increased price for petrol rather than the normal recommended price of N87. Reports shows that the petrol hike goes as high as N400 per litre in some filling stations while others ranges between N110 and N200.

However, some filling stations still sold the product at the official price of N87 per litre. These filling stations, findings showed, were however few and inundated with long queues of motorists, motorcyclists and other users.

In Cross River State, a litre of petrol was sold for as high as N400 in Calabar and environs on Saturday morning. Tanker drivers across the state and beyond had on Monday refused to load the product from the Calabar Depot in protest of the deplorable situation of federal roads in the state.

Many petrol stations in Akwa Ibom State, particularly those in Ibesikpo/Asutan, Eket, and Itu Local Government Areas on Saturday sold petrol at N200 per litre.

In Uyo, the State capital, while the price fluctuated between N170 and N180 per litre, motorists said many of the filling stations had adjusted their metres regardless of the amount they pay for buying fuel.

In Ondo State, long queues of vehicles persisted in many filling stations in many towns on Saturday even as many of them sold petrol at N120 per litre.

In Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, there were long queues at filling stations on Saturday especially those owned by major marketeers.

A litre of petrol was being sold between N100 and N110 depending on the distance of the area to the state capital.

In Enugu State, petrol was sold between N130 and N150 per litre.

In Oyo State, fuel scarcity reached a height as few vehicles plied the roads.

More than 85 per cent of major oil marketeers were not selling the product while a few independent oil marketers sold between N110 and N120 per litre.

The queues by motorists for petrol continued on Saturday in some filling stations in Abuja and Nasarawa State.

All petrol stations visited in Abuja on Saturday sold at the regulated price, but many were not open for business as they claimed not to have products.

In Delta State many filling stations were shut down and those selling the product were filled with long queues. The filling stations sold between 110 and 150, while black-marketers were having a filled day as they sold between N150 and N200.

In Benue State, NNPC Mega filling station along Oturkpo road was filled with numerous motorists and individuals wanting to purchase petrol. It was the only fuel station selling at the official pump price of N87 per litre and the queue for the product was over four kilometres long.

Meanwhile, black marketers have taken over the town as they sold at N200 and N250 per litre.

In Gboko and the other local government areas it was sold at N170 per litre.

In Bayelsa State, particularly Yenagoa, the state capital, a few filling stations that were selling the product on Saturday sold a litre of petrol between N130 and N150.

The NNPC mega filling stations in the Yenagoa metropolis were the only ones selling at the government regulated price of N87 but the queues were very long.

A litre of PMS was sold for N100 in many filling stations in Ogun State except NNPC stations and those of major marketers on Saturday.

In Osogbo, the Osun State capital and other parts of the state, petrol was sold at N110 per litre.

In Lagos, while the NNPC and major marketers sold at N87, black marketers sold five litres of petrol at N600.

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