Commissioner Warns – Beware of Poisonous Ponmo


The Ogun State Commissioner for Agriculture has warned the public to be on the lookout for poisonous “PONMO” which is a popular meat gotten from the hides and skin of cattles.

The commissioner, Ronke Sokefun, speaking on Thursay, November 5 2015 in Abeokuta, the state capital of Ogun state said this during a meeting with stakeholders and “ponmo” sellers.

Sokefun noted that some persons in the state had decided to take advantage of the high demand for the product to sell an industrial variety which had been contaminated with tanning chemicals.

She said, “Tanning chemicals like biocides and fungicides are added along the processing chain to preserve the hides against protein degradation, bacteria and mould growth that would have damaged the hides and skin”.

Adding, she further said that the poisonous ponmo popularly known as “imported ponmo” can be identified as being brownish black, foul smelling, abnormally thick with layers and ridiculously cheap compared to the normal type.

The Federal Government had attracted outrage in 2014 when it was reported that plans were being made to ban the sale and consumption of ponmo.

He however noted that Nigeria could make much more money from its leather industry if the consumption of ponmo was reduced.

So please people especially ladies, be on the look-out when going out to the market. Remember the we are identified by what we eat. So lets eat well.

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