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Elijah Babatunde: You Won’t Believe What This Pastor Said Concerning Buhari’s Health. [Click Here To Find Out]

Before and after the elections many pastors were spotted giving lots of prophecies most of which included the past president of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele  Jonathan to win the 2015 poll. However most of these so called men of God  were disappointed when the final result of the 2015 poll was later announced. After the Incidence we can’t tell if members still continued to worship in those churches. Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, the founder and spiritual head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has revealed what God said about President Muhammadu Buhari.

Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele

In the interview granted to the Leadership, Primate Ayodele stated that the president is in the right path in his anti-corruption war.

About Buhari’s anti-corruption war

He said: “ God loves Nigeria and this is evident by her continuous oneness in spite of crises that the country has gone through.. Now, President Muhammadu Buhari, will truly fight corruption. God says the man means what he is saying about fighting corruption.”

“Yes, he will also try to fight insecurity but in this aspect, he will only try but not get a 100 percent pass mark. He will be able to fight corruption, but he will face obstacles from politicians. Buhari needs prayers for protection.

“His health needs prayer. We encouraged the APC to do grassroots mobilisation and we predicted that the party would win if it did that. God does not mislead. Buhari’s past history or integrity alone did not win him that election but the grassroots work we advised him to do.”

Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele
Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele

About governors

The clerk also predicted the battle between Buhari and close associate Bola Tinubu.

“I foresee President Buhari and Asiwaju Tinubu fighting. I see Buhari having issues with his party.”

“I see Ondo state governor, Mimiko facing EFCC matter. APC can take over Ondo if the party does its homework well and field a credible and popular candidate. General Jeremiah Useni should pray not to have serious challenges with his health. Also, the governor of Katsina state should pray over his health. IBB, Obasanjo, Gowon, Ekwueme, Shagari should pray not too have serious health challenges. Not all state governors will finish their term in office. I see a governor being removed from the Northern part of the country. Not all the deputy governors will finish their terms. Some of them will die in office.” Primate Ayodele.

About fight against Boko Haram

He further said that Boko Haram is long gone.

“What the government is fighting now is not Boko Haram. We have the ISIS in Nigeria now. Another deadlier sect is even coming from Asia and the earlier the Buhari government realizes this, the better.

“God has said that the December deadline that the government promised to end the insurgents war will not work. The fight will continue.”

About Buhari’s ministers

“Fashola, Fayemi and Amaechi will do a lot to help Buhari’s government to succeed but their efforts will be frustrated by politicians who would be affected by their performance. We have said predicted it that these people would be brought in as Buhari’s ministers. I see a plot to remove Saraki as Senate president.

“He has a lot of political battles to fight. I foresee the EFCC boss and the CBN governor being removed. Also, not all the current senators, reps and state lawmakers will finish their terms. The plot to remove the deputy senate president Ekweremadu will frustrate the presidency and will turn to blackmail. The opposition will fight new INEC boss, Yakubu. I foresee more fire outbreaks. Allison Madueke will face more challenges and the government will plan to jail.”

Primate Ayodele is one of the men of God who foretold the coming of General Muhammadu Buhari as president.

He is known for the accuracy of his prophecies including the election of Ayo Fayose as the governor of Ekiti state and the recent leadership crisis in the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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